Say hello to the Singing Whale!

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Welcome to Singing Whale Farm, home to a group of friends that want to bring fresh, healthy food from our garden to your table! Established in 2015, Singing Whale farm will be providing fruits and veggies to a small group of families through a Community Supported Agriculture program. Ten lucky sponsors have bought shares in our crop and will receive produce every two weeks from June-October! Currently on the menu are beets, radishes, spinach, brussels sprouts, tomatoes and much much more!

Each family will receive a box of veggies, and any extras will be available for purchase on a first come first serve basis, either at our delivery site (TBA) or at the local farmer’s market in Frankfort, so keep an eye on this page! When we have extra we will let you know what we have!

*Hug the Whale!*

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